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Fxcryptohub offers users a whole new level of advantages, unmatched in the market of Forex. Any Fxcryptohub's member can become a platform affiliate user by just simply registering an account and activating Affiliate Program Dashboard.

And we’ve a three referral-level program:

*Level 1:(direct referral 1x1 5%)

*Level 2: (indirect referral 1x2 3%)

*Level 3: (indirect referral 1x3 2%)

And this bonuses are paid instantly once the customer gets involved, If you refer a customer you earn 5% referral bonus instantly of the amount deposited (level 1) and if the customer you refer brings in another customer you earn 3% referral bonuses from the customer your direct referral brings along( level 2) and stops at level 3 which is 2%.

And the more this people re-invests the more you earn a referral commission depending on the referral level the customer falls in.>

Become our affiliate user today, and seize limitless opportunities offered by Fxcryptohub.

Create your affiliate network by recommending Fxcryptohub's platform to potential users.

The bigger your Affiliate network - the more bonuses and rewards you receive.

Affiliate program bonuses are distributed from the platform's resources received through its operations on the Forex market.

Our platform users are part of the Fxcryptohub community.