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Fxcryptohub Blockchain

The Fxcryptohub Blockchain will use distinctive cryptography that is resistant to attacks, even if they are carried out with the use of quantum computing processing power, and will allow avoiding the fundamental security weaknesses of the modern cryptographic methods. A globally integrated network of nodes and consensus mechanism used will ensure the efficiency of transactions performed within the blockchain network

Fxcryptohub Digital Bank

It is no secret that the future of the financial world lies within complete digitalization of all financial processes, products and services. Fxcryptohub plans on developing its own Digital Bank based on the Fxcryptohub Blockchain platform, which will reduce the operational costs of the entire network and set new quality standards for financial services.

Socio-economic Platform

Thanks to the functionality offered by Fxcryptohub socio-economic platform, private clients and businesses from any part of the world will be able to maintain transparent terms of cooperation with business partners, and ensure profitability of transactions for the sale and purchase of businesses, goods and services. The platform will allow digitalization of business processes, and also offer decentralized public voting for state, commercial and social management institutions.